NEW Solidarity Forever 2020 Labor History Calendar

NEW Solidarity Forever 2020 Labor History Calendar
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Published annually since 1985, the calendar commemorates workers’ struggles with hundreds of notes commemorating important dates from the international labor movement, and sixteen photographs.

This year we recall the fiftieth anniversary of the 1970 postal workers wildcat strike, and of public sector workers’ struggles more generally. Sixteen photos mark struggles from South Africa to California, including strikes by Chicago teachers relegated to second-class teaching positions in segregated schools in the 1960s, a cross-border rally by Mexican and US workers against NAFTA, one of the last strikes by unionized foremen before they lost their collective bargaining rights under the infamous Taft-Hartley act, a protest by unemployed workers demanding the 6-hour day, and striking agricultural workers in California from 1913 to the lettuce strikes of the 1970s. These strikes won union rights, challenged segregation and discrimination, called for international labor solidarity, and asserted our dignity and our right to control the conditions of our labor. They were concrete manifestations of workers’ power, and of the possibilities of building a new world based on solidarity.