Occupy Wall Street Rhinestone T-Shirt

Occupy Wall Street Rhinestone T-Shirt
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Show your support for the Occupy Wall Street movement by wearing these inexpensive but attractive threads

When you buy from Radical Jack you are helping to build the progressive movement. Check out our web page, we are a 100% progressive political company. Every shirt that we make, every button we press and every advertisement that we we run helps to promote a progressive political message.

All of our workers are activists and we donate our time and resources to the movement. We gave away over 200 shirts for free to activists in our local Occupy Miami and Occupy Ft.Lauderdale encampments. We produced another 70 at cost for another activist that were also given away for free. These shirts were worn in demonstrations and have appeared on TV more than once. Check out the link below on this page to see them.

Any profits made from the proceeds of selling these shirts will likewise be used to build the movement. At Radical Jack we don't profit from the movement, we build it!

These shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton with a top quality silk screened image. We now offer two types of shirts. Anvil brand sweatshop free pre-shrunk cotton shirts made in Central America and American Apparel shirts made in the US which cost an additional $4. Please choose your preference at checkout.